Topics of interest cover computational methods, new applications and use cases, as well as eye tracking technology for pervasive eye tracking and mobile eye-based interaction. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:


  • Computer vision tools for face, eye detection and tracking
  • Pattern recognition/machine learning for gaze and eye movement analysis
  • Integration of pervasive eye tracking and context-aware computing
  • Real-time multi-modality sensor fusion
  • Techniques for eye tracking on portable devices
  • Methods for long-term gaze and eye movement monitoring and analysis
  • Gaze modeling for development of conversational agents
  • Evaluation of context-aware systems and interfaces
  • User studies on impact of and user experience with pervasive eye tracking
  • Visual and non-visual feedback for eye-based interfaces
  • Interaction techniques including multimodal approaches
  • Analysis and interpretation of attention in HCI
  • Dual and group eye tracking


  • Mobile eye-based interaction with public displays, tabletops, and smart environments
  • Eye-based activity and context recognition
  • Pervasive healthcare, e.g. mental health monitoring or rehabilitation
  • Autism research
  • Daily life usability studies and market research
  • Mobile attentive user interfaces
  • Security and privacy for pervasive eye tracking systems
  • Eye tracking in automotive research
  • Eye tracking in multimedia research
  • Assistive systems, e.g. mobile eye-based text entry
  • Mobile eye tracking and interaction for augmented and virtual reality
  • Eye-based human-robot and human-agent interaction
  • Cognition-aware systems and user interfaces
  • Human factors in mobile eye-based interaction
  • Eye movement measures in affective computing


  • New devices for portable and wearable eye tracking
  • Extension of existing systems for mobile interaction